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Khan didn't manage to make the girl talk, so he limited himself to resume his training. The mana flowed faster toward his brain and body under his attention, and the tingling sensation never stopped running through his skin. , The ride on the truck went by quickly. The transport only took a few hours to reach its destination since it flew above the Slums. When it landed, a couple of soldiers unsealed the fabric covering the container and told Khan and the girl to jump off. , A spectacular scenery unfolded in Khan's vision. He had the familiar Slums on one side and a tall structure on the other. The entrance to the domain of the Global Army resembled a massive metal palace surrounded by towering walls. , The walls were black and protected Ylaco's central districts. They surrounded the actual city and the various training grounds. The Slums were only dumps built around those defenses. , 'I remember this scene,' Khan thought while inspecting the defensive walls and the tall structure. , Khan didn't recall much about his life inside Ylaco, but he had often visited his father at work with his mother back then. The structures of the Global Army shared a similar style, so he could sense a certain familiarity in that scene. ,

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