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I Can Read People's Comments Author:Fixten Sort: urban 527 reading
Theodore Griffith was a master of Reality. He understood the parallel universe in the form of another reality. He was aware that someone’s wish, story, or pure imagination could give birth to a new reality just like his own. Hence, he planned to find the creator of his reality by roaming among the realities. This time, he entered a new reality connected to several other realities. However, what made him certain the most was that this reality was connected to the person who created his reality. He knew that fact because of the ability he gained in this world. He could actually see people’s comments, allowing him to realize that his entire life and reality were born from a story. “Hehe. You have made a mistake in making me realize this. With the readers on my back, I can force you, the author, to make a plot for us to meet.” Theo said while giggling. “That’s why I’m counting on you guys.” --------- Other Works: 1. Oil Tycoon: Let's Find Oil in a Martial World 2. God of Tricksters (Completed) 3. Gacha Sovereign (Completed) 4. The Magician of Sound (Completed) 5. Reincarnated to Bonk in Another World (Completed)
Latest: Waking Up
[After Stargaze Family executed his family, Noel Ardagan embarked on his journey, restoring his family name with the help of a System., \
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Another World Mall Author:Fixten Sort: urban 18 reading
[Simulation shall commence.] On this fateful day, the world was stunned by the appearance of ancient animals that were supposed to have gone extinct for millions of years. Huge sinkholes appeared in every corner of the world, becoming a tunnel for the ancient animals to emerge to the surface. Humans have found an answer to one of the biggest mysteries in human history. Hollow Earth is real. Here, humans will wrest their lives to explore this new world that has existed for thousands, if not millions, of years underneath them. Before the start of his exploration, Clovis came across a place called ‘Another World Mall.’ Dwarven Sword, Magical Elven Clothes, or Giant Race Toy? Everything can be found in this ‘Another World Mall.’ As an aspiring Subterranean Explorer, how would he utilize this ‘Another World Mall’ to become the greatest explorer of all time and find the truth about the simulation?
Latest: Prologue